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Efficiently operating your SME utilizing a virtual assistant

You already know that new tools and technologies are consistently being designed and developed for large enterprises, but you may not be aware that scaled-down versions of the same technologies and tools are now being developed.

In fact, there is a consistent trend you need to be aware of – SMEs that quickly adopt these progressive technologies into their SME stand the greatest chance of achieving smooth operation and long-term success which positions you for the highest probability of sustainable growth.

EVAhelp stays on top of the latest trends in SME related technologies and will help you adopt them into your small-to-midsize enterprise

As soon as you sign up with EVAhelp you will be assigned a knowledgable and dedicated Virtual Assistant who will:
• Run an initial diagnostic analysis to better understand your SME’s specific requirements
• Research and assemble resources for growth opportunities
• Help you define your business objectives and goals and generate a corresponding report
• Formulate a strategy for success
• Identify financial options from institutions offering SME support
• Develop an adaptable marketing plan
• Implementation and maintenance of financial and general record keeping
• Create letters, ads, brochures, newsletters press releases and other promotional material
• Correspondence
• Setting up meetings and sending reminders

At EVAhelp we don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach. That’s why we assign a dedicated Virtual Assistant to work closely with you to offer support based on your SME’s unique growth requirements.

Immediately upon signing up with EVAhelp, your personal Virtual Assistant will begin familiarizing themselves with your specific business practices in order to provide customized assistance throughout every stage of your SME’s life cycle.

Unlock your SME’s full potential now – Call us today to get the assistance you need for the success you deserve.